Wedding Accessories

Bridal Shops & Wedding Accessories – One Stop Shopping!

Bridal boutiques and bridal shops offer many subtle benefits over shops and chain stores that sell dresses only. One of the biggest benefits many bridal boutiques provide is a wide selection of wedding accessories; from wedding invitations to wedding cake cutlery, these shops can provide an easy one-stop-shop for brides, eliminating the need to visit many different vendors. After all, wedding and bridesmaids gowns aren’t the only things you need to plan a wedding – and the easier it is for the bride to get the supplies she needs, the better!

Wedding Accessories

Once deciding on a wedding dress is out of the way, planning the wedding gets easier – but it’s not over yet! Depending on the size of the wedding, the bride may still need to find most or all of the following bridal accessories:

wedding veil
other wedding hair accessories
bridal underwear (corset, strapless bra, etc)
wedding shoes
bridesmaid shoes
matching handbag (custom dyed)
custom wedding invitations
wedding cake silverware
cake toppers
bridesmaid and bridal jewelry

Most local bridal boutiques can help brides find most or all of the accessories listed above, which can significantly cut back on the number of spots and the amount of time needed to take care of “nitty gritty” details like wedding accessories.

Wedding Consulting & Vendor Recommendations

While most bridal boutiques don’t also offer bridal services such as flower arrangements and wedding cakes, local boutiques are often the best informed as to which local vendors offer service and pricing best suited to the bride’s wedding. By making wedding dress shopping one of the first items on the wedding planning list, brides can rely on the expertise bridal shops offer to find florists, cake makers, photographers and wedding venues best suited to their style and budget. Bridal boutiques often develop relationships with local vendors as well, so it’s possible that referrals could help you obtain discounts which wouldn’t have been available otherwise.