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Affordable Wedding Dresses

Shopping for Wedding Gowns by Price

Finding a dress within your budget can be one of the biggest challenges brides face. Knowing what types of dresses are available within your price range can help you know what to expect and how to shop when you visit a bridal shop.

Before visiting a bridal shop, have a price range in mind.

Affordable Wedding Dresses

$400 to $600 for a regular formal wedding gown is considered on the low, affordable end of the price scale, and affordable short and informal gowns may fall as low as $200 to $400. Finding a wedding dress that can be custom tailored and offers reasonable quality for under $100 is rarely possible. Dresses under this amount may be impossible to tailor properly due to the poor quality of the fabric.

Wedding gowns within the $200-600 price range may use lighter and more synthetic fabrics to reduce costs, while offering the kind of elegance, style options and ability to be custom tailored that higher priced gowns offer. A quality bridal shop with a good selection of dresses should be able to offer plenty of options for affordable elegance.

Moderately Priced Wedding Gowns

$650 to $1250 is considered a moderate price range for wedding gowns, and most brides find the perfect wedding dress within this range. A wide range of gown styles are available within this price range, and fabrics and construction tend to be of a higher quality, which make the gowns easier to tailor, more luxurious to the touch and of a better overall fit and flow.

High End Wedding Dresses

Gowns over $1300 are typically considered “higher end” gowns; while most brides tend to search for a wedding dress under $1000, some who are willing to invest more in their dress may be willing to look for dresses in this price range. Limited designer editions, gowns made from pure silk fabrics and ornately detailed dresses are more widely available in this range.

Shopping by Brand

Some brides may see a picture of a dress they like in a magazine or online, note the designer name and come to a bridal shop prepared to look at dresses by that designer. The truth is that if a bridal shop offers a good selection, shopping by designer brand can put arbitrary limitations on your search for the perfect dress. Some wedding dress brands may offer styles very similar to the dress you saw and liked – at costs that are more within your budget. Finding a dress that matches you, your wedding and your budget are more important than finding a dress made by a specific designer.