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Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and while shopping for a plus size wedding dress may seem daunting, the truth is that there are plenty of options available for the plus size bride. To be sure, not every wedding dress brand offers a selection of plus sizes, but a good bridal shop will have an extensive selection of plus size wedding gowns. Some dress brands even specialize in plus sizes. Knowledgeable bridal shop attendants will be able to direct you to gown styles that are available in your size, so choose a bridal shop with a great reputation, let go of your anxiety over finding the right size and allow bridal shop attendants to guide you to gowns available in your size.

Gown Styles for Plus Sizes

As a plus size, you’re likely already aware that the styles that work on slim, petite figuresĀ  don’t always work on plus size figures. The key to finding a plus size wedding dress that looks beautiful on you is to find a gown that accentuates your best features. First, consider what physical assets you want to highlight. Have a pear shaped figure or a thicker midsection? Avoid clingy sheath style gowns and mermaid dresses, and instead try corset-style ball gowns. Do you have a bustier, top heavy figure? Try a gown with a sweetheart or bust-enhancing neckline, paired with a lovely short jacket.

Again, knowledgeable attendants at a good bridal shop should help you find a dress that highlights your best features.

Sizing Wedding Gowns

Few things are more disheartening than trying on a dress in “your size” and finding it to be two sizes too small. Before you set your foot in a bridal shop, toss your ideas of sizing out the window and remember that when it comes to wedding dresses, regular sizes rarely apply. Different dress brands’ sizing standards may vary widely, and formal dress sizes are often very different from regular clothing styles. Styles that are considered “teen” sizes may be smaller than “misses” sizes and so forth.

If you’re having your wedding dress tailored, be sure to choose a plus size dress that errs on the large side, regardless of what size the label says.